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Maxim of Quality
maxim of quality

Maxim of Quality

Maxim of Quality

  1. Maxim of Quality

The maxim of quality is a sense underlies all the other maxims in that it assumes that we are speaking what we believe to be true. But it is often difficult to be sure about what is true, and so Grice formulates this maxim in a way that, although it looks more complicated, is actually easier to follow. Evidence of the strength of this maxim is that most people find it difficult to lie when asked a direct question, and we tend to believe what people tell us without thinking, especially if it is written down (presumably because writers normally have more time than speakers to consider carefully what they say).

  1. Characteristic Maxim of Quality

Grice formulates the characteristics of this maxim as follows:

  1. Do not say what you believe to be false.
  2. Do not say that for which you lack adequate evidence.

              Imagine someone says, “Tom has a drinking problem.” If the person knows Tom does not have a drinking problem then he/she is lying; and if he/she assumes Tom has a drinking problem because he goes to the local pub a lot, the person is saying something without adequate evidence or information.

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