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Tell and Show Strategy
Tell and Show Strategy

Tell and Show Strategy

Tell and Show Strategy

The Concept of Tell and Show  Strategy

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Tell and Show Strategy

As we know that every teaching and learning we need the way to make the successful in teaching and learning English. Especially, in teaching and learning writing. To get the success we must choose the appropriate strategy on of them is Tell and Show Strategy. Strategies are those specific attacks that we make on given problem and taht very considerably within each individual. It is a plan which is accurate and precise to apply in learning process.” It mean that this strategy is one of to overcome the problems in teaching and learning process.

Based on the statement above, the writer can conclude that strategy is a learning activity that should be done by the teacher or student in order to teaching and learning can be successfully. It is very urgent to simplify learning English process. Because, for the teacher it can be used to act as a guidence in teaching learning process then for the students it can be used to simlpyfy in learning process. Strategy also is the easy plan of operation to get the purpose in teaching and learning process. Moreover, Tell and Show Strategy is one of strategy in teaching writing process. Bellow is definition of Tell and Show Strategy :

The Concept of Telling

Steve said that telling is the process or the activity of the people to make a simple sentence.  It means that the students just say or write it in very simple sentence. Etymologically, the word Tell in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English can be defined as:To give information to somebody by speaking and writing, to express something in word.”  Based on the quotation above, it can be concluded that telling is an activity the writer to give information about something to the readers through the writer making a sentences or very simple sentence that can be the main or topic of the text. Then it will explain more clearly in showing. So that, we can develops the main or topic of the text in showing.

In telling, the students can write what the main topic or the main idea in the column. So that, it can more simple and more easy to write it. Because the students make clearly in the column showing that develop the idea from showing. The column telling is extremely important to decide what the writer want to say in next showing column. Because without telling the reader so difficult to develop the idea into showing column.

The Concept of Showing

            Steve said that show is describing something in detail and make a picture in the reader’s mind.The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines the word Showas: To make something clear, to prove something and to help somebody to do something by letting them watch you do it or by explaining it.”.Based on the quotation above, it can be inferred that showing is the activity that have done by the people to get the purpose to make a something clearly and completely in the writer’s mind with explaining. It’s mean that it is one of the ways to develop the main idea in the showing column into descriptive text. It also helps the students to discover or explains new idea to develop in the showing column. After the writer explain what are the definitions of Tell and show strategy, it can be explained of the theory Tell and Show strategy.


            Tell and Show Strategy is an activity that students should communicate with using specific detail and examples in order that what you have presented is valid.  It helps the reader make to develop an idea in our mine. It has the function to develop detail and to explain or support an idea. So that, Tell and Show strategy is an activity of the students write something very simple and then describe it in detail.Based on the definition above, the writer conclude that Tell and Show strategy is easy way strategy that help the students to develop their idea in the descriptive text through 2 steps the process, they are tell column and show column .Because the students can make a simple sentences and then develop it in showing to make a picture in the readers’ mind. It can help the students to develop their writing in descriptive textmore detail that they want to write. The students know about the meaning of text that they write. Because the students in this strategy have two steps and every step has a purpose in writing process. Applying this strategy can be founded the general, specific word and also about the topic of the sentence in a paragraph.

 Process Tell And Show Strategy

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