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Tell and Show Strategy Process

Tell and Show Strategy Process

Tell and Show Strategy Process 


Tell And Show Strategy Process  

A strategy has process that is started from beginning until the last. The purpose of the processes is to get a good value. So, Tell and Show Strategy also has process that should be done for the students before they write a text. The students can follow the step process in this strategy. Below is the explanation about the steps process of this strategy. To make easier write a text by using tell-show strategy, there are processes that help the students to begin their write. Here under the steps of tell and show strategy process. The first you must make 2 columns in your paper that are consisting of tell and show. Take any simple sentence from your current piece that mentions something you can describe and write it down on the “Tell” side of the chart. On the tell column you can make a simple sentence about something that you want to describe. It includes the object that you will describe. A sentence in the tell will be the main idea of your text. You can take a concrete object or an abstract object to describe such as, a person, an animal, home, love, and etc. You will describe about everything you have seen and interested in it.

        When you have finished the tell column, then start to write in the second column is about show. Show is an activity to make a picture of that sentence in your mind and write down all the things you see in that picture on the “Show” side. It means that in show column you must describe about the object that you want to describe in the tell column. In this part, you must make a picture in the readers’ mind and make it detail about the object by explaining. You can explain what is something make an object looks beautiful and interested. The function of show is to develop the tell column as the main idea.

Applying Tell and Show Strategy

       Based on the statement about the process above, it  can be concluded that Tell and Show strategy Process gives an easy way for the learners to make a descriptive text, because in the first process “ Tell” teach us to make a simple sentence about something that mention something that we can describe, and then, “Show” try to make a picture in the readers’ mind make it clearly by using our own language that can make the readers interested and easy to understand.The strategy has two steps, namely: first, tell make a simple sentence that will be the main idea of the text. Second, show makes a picture in the reader’s mind to describe it detail or make something clearly. Here is the example of tell and show strategy process.

The Example   Tell and Show Strategy Process



(Make a list on the show)

The lake looked really nice that morning
  • Water smooth and clear
  • Mist rising up
  • Fish jumping
  • Sun coming up
  • Our boat
  • A group of ducks
  • It was cold

      The example above explains about the process of making a descriptive text by using tell and show strategy. The process that explain in the example is very interesting to learn. Because the paragraph show how to make a descriptive text more descriptively and accurately. Using tell and show strategy is a good way to make a descriptive ext. As we know that many students do not understand about the content of their writing, but use this strategy can help them in writing descriptive ext, so that they know about what they want to write.

 After making 2 column and fill up each 2 column, the students have more than enough material to write about an object. Now, they can move or copy into a complete into text.

 “The water was as smooth as glass and clear enough that we could see almost all the way to the bottom. Then wisps of mist rose up all around us as our boat glided slowly along. Occasionally, a fish would jump but we’d never actually see it. We’d turn our heads at the sound of the splash just in time to see the circles of little waves expanding outward where the fish had come down. Closer to shore, a group of ducks cut a v-shape in the quiet water as they swam along. It was cold but the sun was coming up and I knew that in a few minutes it would start to get warm”.


         The students can write easier descriptive text through the tell show strategy. It means to solve a terribly troubling problem for the students. The students give themselves a chance to focus on the students’ topic and can make their writing richer and more detail. In this strategy can be founded specific ideas and also about the topic of the sentence in a text. So that, the students can expresses an ideas through this strategy to be a good descriptive text.

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