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The goal of Pragmatic
The goal of Pragmatic

The goal of Pragmatic


The Goal of Pragmatics

The goal of pragmatics is to explain how the hearer understands an utterance by recognizing the speaker's intentions and to understand that language is a system, especially to an understanding of meaning.


What is pragmatic?

The-goal-of-Pragmatic-300x161 The goal of Pragmatic

The goal of Pragmatic

Generally, pragmatics studies how people comprehend and produce a communicative act or speech act in a concrete speech situation which is usually a conversation. The ability to comprehend and produce a communicative act is called pragmatic competence which often includes one’s act knowledge about the social distance, social status between the speakers involved, the cultural knowledge, such as politeness and the linguistic knowledge.


What are the focuses of prafmatic?

Pragmatics focuses on what people mean by their utterances might mean by themselves. In other word, Pragmatics is the study of speaker meaning. It focuses on the ability or proficiency to make use of language that relates with determinant factors of communicative acts. It means that Pragmatics discusses the structure and the form of language to the context situation and at the same time is closely related to the atmosphere of hearer, speaker, and surroundings. In this case, to relate these three atmospheres, the language user must have communicative competence. That is the ability to use language that functions in a communicative situation that is in a spontaneous transaction involving a person or a group of persons. 

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