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DISCOURSE CONNECTIONS Cohesion The first section deals with the connections evident in the discourse, with cohesion. Michael Halliday and Ruquaiya hassan (1976), who were already introduced in section 3.6, were the first to analyze this kind of discourse connection. They distinguished five types of cohesion: a.       Substitution b.      Ellipsis c.       Reference d.      Conjunction e.       Lexical cohesion In the five main ... Read More »

Discourse and Institution

Discourse and Institution

DISCOURSE AND INSTITUTION The agent-client approach           Institution as a concept originated in sociology, it is used to describe those activities by which individuals construct and maintain a society. Institutions can be viewed as the mediators between individuals and society as a whole, or as the means by which individuals can form a society. William Sumner (1906) explained these origins ... Read More »

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